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Timon Koch is an independent German photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon and Hamburg, Germany. While growing up in Greece, he was exposed to issues of social migration and integration, which inspired him to explore different human realities beyond European borders.

Following his studies in Human Geography, he had opportunity to expand his understanding of migration issues through his involvement in fieldwork with youth in China and Switzerland. While living in Thailand and Germany, he worked in several movie productions and short-term projects as digital technician supervisor, which sparked his interest in visual documentaries and photography.

Timon´s photographic work has focused on human portraits as he travelled through Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Cambodia, Morocco, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. 

During his return to Greece, Timon directly witnessed and capture through his lenses the first arrivals of asylum-seekers to the small islands. Over the time spent in the region, he also documented the journey of refugees as they made their way to Greece and along the-Macedonia border.

His continuous commitment to portray the refugee situation as seeing from different perspectives and various contexts brought him to further discover and study the refugee situation in Lebanon. Since March 2016 he has been collaborating with several non-governmental and grassroots organizations. His recent work shows the plight of stateless children and their families as they pursue their right to have an identity.

Timon’s work has been exhibited in Hamburg, Kos, Montreal, Munich and Sheffield. 

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