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Flavour of Syria


During my journeys through the informal settlements in the Bekaa Valley, I met various refugee children who in one way or another brought me back to my childhood years, to thoughts of how fortunate I was as a child.  Syrian children are the innocent victims of a war. They have been forced not only to escape, but also to reshape their dreams, as their families strive everyday to find the means to survive in Lebanon. As I was portraying their reality, I thought about their present and a future stained by feelings of fear, desperation, discrimination, and hopelessness. Most of them have been forced to rewrite those memories, memories of fleeing while holding their father’s hand or being carried by their mother across the border. They might still remember their point of origin - but memories and feelings slowly fade away, despite the fact the place they used to call home is just a few kilometers away. What remains now is just the flavor of Syria. 

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